Booking a consultation

For small tattoos, no consultation is usually needed and you can get one as a walk-in if we have availability. For larger tattoos, bring your design to the consultation and we’ll discuss the best way to turn it into a tattoo. The price will be a set amount for small/medium pieces and charged by the hour for larger ones, based on the artist’s rate. If you need help with your design, book a free consultation with one of our artists to go over your ideas. A deposit is required to secure your appointment. Designs will be made the day before or the morning of your appointment. Not all artists will send designs before the appointment. If you have questions, you can always book another consultation.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment, share your ideas, any design references or images, and a picture of the area where you want your tattoo. If you’re covering up an old tattoo, please include a picture of it. We’ll respond promptly and analyse the cover-up if needed. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!